JRedsun (Justin Valk, April 13th, 1994) is a young producer from the Netherlands. He has well known experience creating RnB, Pop and Dance productions. His music is characterized by its original beats and cultural collaborations. His expertise lies in innovative, energetic drums combined with relaxed melodies. JRedsun wants to touch, connect and inspire people with his music.

In 2015 JRedsun graduated in Music Production at the Art and Entertainment College in Amsterdam. "With this study, I improved my producer skills and developed my own style. I now have more knowledge of marketing and stage presence. In addition, I was taught by inspiring teachers who worked in the music business for many years."

He collaborates with various rappers and vocalists. He also has experience in recording live instruments.

His main goal? "My dream is to conquer the world with my music. I want to keep developing myself and I enjoy every moment! "